Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Limited has become GS1net live using Bizcaps’ E2 software to publish data to GS1net for its trading partner Foodstuffs. Coca Cola Amatil (NZ) is a leading NZ producer of soft drinks, diet drinks, juices and juice drinks, waters, energy drinks, sports drinks and cordials.

Bizcaps had a tight timeframe to help Coca-Cola (NZ) go live with Foodstuffs. Bizcaps was able to quickly implement a product data maintenance process by simply configuring its Business Process Manager (BPM). Craig Thomson, Trade Marketing Analyst at CCA (NZ) said Bizcaps: “… managed to deliver on deadline… which was great”.  To simplify its introduction for users, the system employed forms already in use by CCA NZ. BPM updates, transports and monitors their movement through maintenance and publish processes.

The software reduces the time required for global catalogue changes to a matter of minutes. Mr Thomson said: ”I was extremely pleased with the simplicity and ease of use of this solution”.

Bizcaps has uploaded more than 150 product data catalogues to GS1net and the NPC and has amongst its clients some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest companies.

Peter Blinco, Bizcaps’ Project Manager for this implementation said that the success of this project demonstrated the relative ease with which motivated and well-organised suppliers could become synchronised with their trading partners through GS1net.

Bizcaps Enterprise helps clients quickly and accurately create and maintain product data for GS1net, validated against industry and business rules and in the format that trading partners need. Enterprise can also integrate a catalogue of product data to a user’s ERP or other internal systems.

Bizcaps Enterprise is powered by the Bizcaps GS1net Connect engine, the first middleware to be certified for use with.

Bizcaps solutions also incorporate powerful workflow capabilities that allow users to streamline and manage every process including new product introductions, product data collection and publication to datapools such as GS1net and the NPC.

Bizcaps also has a full-service product data entry unit that can help suppliers gather, cleanse and input complex product data.