Bizcaps Product Information Manager (PIM) solution has been certified by GS1 UK as capable and consistently implementing the GS1 standards and associated best practice.

PIM is a secure cloud-based platform allowing suppliers (data publishers) to enter all required GDSN data to comply with the NPC, industry requirements and specific data recipient requirements.

PIM is built on Bizcaps’ FlowScribe™ master data management platform and ships with pre-built integration with GDSN data pools, including the NPC.

“PIM allows users to control the collection, maintenance and exchange of product master data with distributors and customers and to manage and update product data and see it validated in real time according to business rules and/or industry standards” said Bizcaps’ CEO Rob Clifton-Steele.

Clive Calder, Senior Manager Trade Technology at Pfizer says “Bizcaps has helped us successfully integrate data from disparate sources across the company into a single system.  We have critical data at our fingertips and data access processes are streamlined. The solution has reduced errors, improved efficiency and increased accuracy.”

Bizcaps contributes to the smooth operation of some of Asia Pacific’s largest health, grocery, liquor and office suppliers by helping to create, maintain and synchronise their product data catalogues with their trading partners through the National Product Catalogue (NPC) system.