Bizcaps Software has been appointed by the Australian Food and Grocery Council as the first solution provider to support food suppliers and customers with an online PIF (Product Information Form) portal solution incorporating the AFGC Electronic Food Data System.

The highly accepted PIF is a food industry tool used by companies to provide a wide variety of information about food products and ingredients in a single document that meets the information needs for legal and regulatory compliance. The move to an electronic PIF streamlines the process of recording, reporting and sharing product information, making it much easier to use.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Director of Legal and Regulatory, Chris Preston, welcomed Bizcaps as the AFGC’s first partner to deliver the AFGC’s Electronic Food Data System. “The online version of the AFGC’s Product Information Form is, in a sense, just one small step in the PIF’s continuing journey, but is also one giant leap for the ability of the food industry to deliver authentic, manufacturer-curated data through the supply chain to address the modern consumer expectations for information about the food they eat” he said.

“Making life easier for suppliers and their customers to collect, maintain and exchange clean product data has always been our primary mission” remarked Bizcaps Software’s CEO, Rob Clifton-Steele. “Bizcaps is providing an online PIF Manager that can be used for finished products as well as ingredients. This enables AFGC members to simply setup, store, search and share PIFs in one place.

“The AFGC is delighted to welcome Bizcaps as its first partner to deliver solutions to the food industry that incorporate the AFGC’s Electronic Food Data System, and I look forward to a productive relationship as we continue to develop new and innovative ways of making food data more transparent and accessible” added Mr Preston.