Bizcaps has powered the very first ePIF™ (PIF V6) portal-to-portal transmission.

We’re thrilled to announce that culinary adventurer Langdon Ingredients was the first Australian company to send an ePIF direct from its Bizcaps PIF Manager™ secure portal to its trading partner Mars.

The fully automated transmission with XML messaging took a matter of seconds and wipes out the last remaining traces of manual saving, version control and data entry involved in the exchange of PIFs.

Once Langdon staff in Melbourne authorised the ePIF, Bizcaps PIF Manager directed it to the Mars portal and recorded all the required transmission details, incorporating who sent and approved the ePIF into the receipt. Staff at Mars simply reviewed the ePIF in their portal and decided whether to approve or reject it.

Since the AFGC launched ePIF last year, the way the food industry sends and receives information including flavours, ingredients, retail ready and samples, has been transformed.

Bizcaps PIF Manager means no more manual version controlling and no more retyping default information. The entire process of recording, reporting and sharing product information is automated and streamlined, and you can store, manage and search all your PIFs in one place, anywhere and anytime. Existing PIF V5s are easily converted into ePIFs, which comply with the revised ANZ Food Standards Code and Country of Origin labelling requirements, and can connect directly with FoodWorks nutrition and other food manufacturing software.

We’re thrilled to have enabled this latest advance in data synchronisation, and to be working so closely with the food industry as it forges ahead in the era of modern data management.