Two leading healthcare businesses are saving time, money and valuable effort – simply through leveraging master data management technology. Linking National Product Catalogue (NPC) data to your internal systems, automating workflow processes and streamlining data verification translates into quantifiable ROI.

One of Australia’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors uses Bizcaps MCIS™ to link validated NPC supplier data with their internal systems and to automate the workflows for onboarding new product line information from suppliers.

Eliminating the need for manual processing, MCIS has transformed:

  • new line processing: slashing time spent from 45 minutes to less than 15 minutes, for each of the 100 lines processed on average daily
  • manual data entry: a single screen collates all the information related to a new line, reduced from 13 different screens previously requiring completion
  • response timeframes: accurate NPC information is automatically available daily – previously it took around 3 days to receive supplier responses on rejected GTINs.

A global provider of medical technologies recently moved to Bizcaps Software’s NPC Service Bureau to manage the preparation and verification of NPC product and pricing data for its Australia and New Zealand businesses. Previously, the manual processing using spreadsheets was time-consuming and open to errors.

Utilising Service Bureau to facilitate and support their NPC data quality, validation and upload confirmation to their trading partners has saved up to 40 per cent of equivalent manual data preparation effort on any given day.

See how Bizcaps Software can save your business time and money using this free ROI Calculator.