Andre Smith is Senior Software Developer at Bizcaps.

What makes each day interesting?

Facing a different set of challenges every day. The process of discovering solutions for those challenges is always exciting. I really enjoy using innovative approaches to solve problems. New solutions to new problems using new tools – that’s what keeps me interested.

This year will be five years at Bizcaps for me. I really value the fact that whenever I get inspired with something I’ve read about for example, and I come into work with an idea, the team is always willing to listen. That approach has generated some pretty good stuff. It’s not something you find at many companies. Bizcaps really does encourage us to chase our inspiration, and that is really cool.

 What drives you?

Software development is building solutions to problems, so you could say that problems drive me! Identifying what’s wrong and finding a solution or improvement drives me. Seeing an issue that has come up is a great motivator – I do enjoy going after that feeling of having improved something… in both work and in life. Even small things around the house spur me into action. I’m always thinking how could I do it better next time, and how can I go about it the easiest, fastest and best way.

 What stops you from getting bored?

The most obvious answer is the ability to innovate. As soon as you stop innovating and stop looking forward you get stuck. In our industry everything moves so quickly, and if you’re not willing to investigate new ways of doing things you won’t go anywhere.

I’m always keen to stay up to date with new technology. I can happily spend hours reading up on this stuff.

How are you finding working from home during the COVID 19 crisis?

When everyone is stuck inside, working from home has its challenges! It can be hard but for the most part I’m enjoying it. Striking the right balance between work and life helps. Progress always happens during times of adversity.  We are seeing massive improvement in the use of technology and things are being hugely streamlined. Because of this crisis, the world is working on the current shortage of bandwidth, so it’s an opportunity to makes things better for everyone in the long run. And although I am missing catching up with friends, I have to say I am quite enjoying not being stuck in traffic and dealing with crowded trains.

What are you proud of?

 I’m proud of the fact that I’m a self-taught developer, with no tertiary education in software. I’m a natural problem-solver, and I’m pretty good with a deadline, so I think I’m just a good fit for this industry.

What would be impossible for you to go without?

 My wife. She has been one of the strongest pillars in my life. Other than that, probably a computer!