Chin Pin Ma is Project Manager at Bizcaps.

What makes each day interesting?

Each day is different at Bizcaps. There are always things coming up in different areas from different clients. Each one of the queries we receive helps us improve the service we provide. Often, the questions raised present us with a challenge, but addressing that helps us improve.

Our clients are all friendly, and when we are implementing a new product with a client, they’ll share feedback with us during the initial period, and that’s when we work to expand and improve the system so it can address their needs. For me this is the most interesting part of my work. We can build and develop a system such as PIF Manager, but it’s when clients start to use it that we face the challenges of figuring out how to make it work in their world.

The problems we solve are always changing, and some of the work we do isn’t easy, so it’s never boring.

How do your clients describe you?

Oh! I hope they’d say I am approachable. I listen to what they say, and do my best to absorb it. That’s the foundation of my role – whatever the client is experiencing, I need to absorb it so I can see where they coming from. Then we can work with them and develop a solution that solves their problem.

What makes you proud?

The team that I’m working with. It makes me proud that we can work together. Obviously there are different opinions within the team, but we work together for the client as one.

What drives you?

Getting to the right answer. Our clients work in all different industries, and they will come to me with a business problem hoping for technology to provide a solution. Often I won’t know straight away what the answer will be, and the issue will stay in my mind. I’m not completely unafraid of problems – and I tend to stay with them until I can find a solution and get rid of the problem!

What do you value?

I value people with a sincere heart and mind. What I mean by that is if people working together are honestly trying their best and wanting to do things properly, then it will always work. When we’re working on a project, if everyone involved genuinely wants the product to succeed, then we all have the same goal. People might see different ways to achieve success but we will all be working in the same direction.

Developing and improving PIF Manager has been a big journey but everyone involved wants to meet our clients’ requirements. We are all putting effort into that, and so are our clients, so we are seeing great results.

What’s something you couldn’t go without?

Sleep! I love sleeping. I can’t get enough of it. I dream of 24 hours sleep but no, I’ve never had the chance to do that.