John O’Malley is Bizcaps Software’s accountant.

What makes each day interesting?

Not sure I can make accounting interesting! But I do value my role as one where I provide reliability and get things done. These days I value the flexibility of being able to divide my time between Bizcaps and another role in Health Services as well as regular monthly trips to Melbourne to provide family support. I can manage my work responsibilities in the office, working from home, or interstate.

I enjoy being part of Bizcaps because of its size and culture. I have been able to get to know my fellow employees, and see the successes they have each day. When I joined the company I had already known several of the senior people here for many years, so it felt comfortable right from the start.

What drives you?

I see my role as being a support to the staff and management at Bizcaps. I enjoy knowing I’m contributing to the business when I can improve business processes and support our CEO Rob so he can be confident that administrative and compliance matters are in order.

Bizcaps is a friendly place with dedicated people and I enjoy the social connection with them. During the first few months of the pandemic when we were all working from home, Rob introduced a Friday afternoon Skype session so we all stayed connected. Even now with us transitioning 50/50 in the office and working from home, it has continued so we can connect with everyone remotely and talk about non work stuff.

What do you see differently now?

Something that has become important to me in recent years is to be able to interact with people at work on a personal level. The size of Bizcaps is something that has made this possible.

What makes you proud?

Something that’s important to me is that I am a Red Cross plasma donor. A lot of people cannot donate, some feel they’re too busy, some just don’t like needles! But I try to make sure I find the time every 2-3 weeks to make this contribution, because it’s important and valued and anyway the staff are so nice!

What’s something you couldn’t go without?

My family life is important, but I also value my friendships. I play tennis with some guys my age a couple of times each week. It’s good exercise plus a great social connection. A few jokes and some serious tennis in ageing bodies. I’d really miss it.