Gathering and maintaining accurate product data to enable streamlined, efficient and cost-effective trading processes doesn’t happen by magic – but it doesn’t have to be hard work, either.

The difference a small investment in training makes is easy to see. We recently congratulated A. Clouet (Australia), distributors of famed Ayam Brand sauces, on three years of publishing trading information error-free. A. Clouet supply to all three supermarket giants – Woolworths, Coles and Metcash – and upload their data to the NPC via the Bizcaps user interface. They attribute their exemplary record to the value the company places on training its staff.

As a result of inviting Bizcaps in for several sessions of brief, targeted training, staff at A. Clouet feel confident working with product data. They know the jargon, how to get things done the most efficient way, and how to ensure accuracy – and every month this saves the company time and money.

It doesn’t take a weighty investment of time or resources to get your staff up to speed for data sharing. Bizcaps Training:

  • comes in flexible packages
  • has a variety of delivery modes to suit your needs
  • zeroes in on just what your staff need to know, to make their job easier
  • best of all, it is customised to your business, using the product and pricing data your staff work with everyday.