DIY Workflow Builder

Your productivity tool for quickly developing automated processes that involve workflow control and visibility.

You know the situation: As soon as more than one person is collaborating, or a team is involved in more than one project, approvals and decission making processes become steadily complex.

DIY Workflow Builder allows you to easily create, optimise, control and monitor your new product introduction processes.

Clearly defined paths of communication, check lists and standards all help to improve the quality of your information and guarantee rapid work prgress.

Read how Bizcaps MCIS helped Healthshare
NSW streamline its procurement processes

Easily product NPI status reports and dashboards, identify process bottlenecks and ensure data is correct and current.


Faster process cycle times


Increased efficiency and productivity


Imporved accuracy and compliance


Transparency and accountability with alerts and escalations


Automation of product data collection required for your trading partners and the NPC


Easily product status reports and dashboards

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