In any partnership, making sure you’re both on the same page is critical. You both want to have access to the same information, and you both need to know it is up to date and complete.

Exchange of standardised product data via datapools like GDSN or the NPC is the basis of a rewarding electronic partnership – but like other kinds of relationships, it’s critical that you get the facts right at the start.

And it’s here that things can often go awry. At Bizcaps, we see some tales of woe where buyers decide to break up with paper-based systems, leaving suppliers to navigate a bewildering array of processes for uploading and maintaining their data on the datapool. It can turn into months of frustration, and cost valuable time and sales opportunities.

Bizcaps Supplier Onboarding takes away this pain. We constantly work with suppliers in all sectors – from healthcare, to grocery, food service and hardware – and manage the entire process of synchronising their data with buyers’ internal systems.

Aisha de Miskic is Administration Manager at GAIA Skin Naturals and used Bizcaps Onboarding to list their products on the NPC to meet Sigma Healthcare’s requirements.

“Sigma are one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Australia so they are very important to our business,” she said. “I was speaking to a standards consultant but the terminology they use doesn’t match our language, so the whole validation process became difficult – and it was holding up a new product release.

“As soon as we asked Bizcaps to take care of the Onboarding it became so much easier. They got it done immediately, leaving me to get on with my core responsibilities, and the new sales started coming through straight away.”