Glenn Anderson is National Sales & Marketing Manager at Bizcaps.

What makes each day interesting?

I’ve been at Bizcaps almost nine years and no two days are the same. Even though many of our customers are facing similar issues, getting to know people as individuals and getting to know their business means I can adapt our solutions and services to suit their needs, so my work is always evolving.

Working in a small team gives me the chance to contribute in different ways – we see all aspects of the business and that really brings the team closer together.

Beyond work, I’ve been doubly blessed this year with two grandchildren. Seeing the next generation come through and seeing my children become parents is fascinating.

What drives you?

You need a long-term view in this game. Persistence with a healthy dose of patience, and the ability to gather different perspectives before arriving at a solution. I’m not driven by grabbing the first quick win I see. I’m driven by seeing my customers’ win.

What do you value?

Authenticity, with no hidden agenda. Kind heartedness. At the same time I value healthy competition – it keeps my focus sharp.

How do your clients describe you?

I’d like them to describe me as a trusted advisor. Someone they can turn to even if the question doesn’t relate to our software. We have clients across healthcare, groceries and liquor, and they know I’m always good for a different perspective on a tricky issue.

A key part of the value we deliver is helping our customers simplify their daily workload, standardising and automating their processes, so I’m known for thinking outside the box.

What are you proud of?

Of working with a diverse group of individuals who bring so much talent from different industries and family backgrounds. From a personal perspective, I’m proud of my family and of course I’m especially proud that Liverpool FC won the European champions league.

What would be impossible for you to go without?

Everyone says a morning coffee, and I’ll put my hand up to that too. But also music. Listening to music on the way into work and on my way home helps me unwind. Depending on my mood, you’ll find me listening to anything from Miles Davis to Nora Jones to Pink Floyd.