Anywhere you store and manage things will inevitably become cluttered with obsolete items – whether it’s your spare room with that broken bike and dusty ukelele, the tools in the garage that seemed like a good idea at the time, or your phone with duplicate photos and old contacts.

Your National Product Catalogue catalogue is no different. Over time, catalogues get cluttered with obsolete items. As products become out of date and no longer active, they are pushed to the virtual back of the catalogue out of sight and out of mind.

Until it’s too late. Obsolete catalogue data suddenly makes its presence felt when:

  • you miss a deadline to upload an urgent item and price update to the NPC for your customer, due to obsolete items causing publish delays and failing GS1 validations, or
  • when what should be your NPC subscription cost is overstated due to the number of active GTINs.

It is important to ensure your catalogue is streamlined and up to date, ready for synchronising with your trading partners.

But if it’s not, Bizcaps Service Bureau can provide an on-the-spot Catalogue Data Quality Review to cleanse and update your catalogue. This service recently came to the rescue of one of our clients, in the midst of a rush to upload urgent price updates for Metcash. That whole process had unexpectedly derailed due to GS1 validation errors indicating incorrect product data.

Within a matter of days, Bizcaps ran a comprehensive review of every aspect of the client’s catalogue, and discovered over 700 obsolete items harbouring the incorrect data. We updated the entire catalogue, eliminated all errors and uploaded the full suite of accurate data within Metcash’s timeframe. With 700 inactive GTINs cleared from their catalogue, we helped our clients realise a substantial reduction in their NPC subscription costs.