Getting your product data quality and systems NPC-ready may seem daunting, and without the right expertise can end up consuming valuable time and resources.

Regular catalogue review is crucial for maintaining Healthcare supplier product data quality. Your recipient customers rely on this information for ensuring patient safety. Data quality has an immediate impact on the integrity of operational processes in both clinical and non-clinical systems, and is therefore critical to much more than efficient trading.

GS1 National Product Catalogue data recipients rightly demand the highest quality information in a rigorous standardised format. Without the right expertise to get your product data quality and systems NPC-ready, the process can become costly, time-consuming and arduous.

Specialist onboarding expertise can help. Bizcaps Software has been working with suppliers in healthcare, and other industries including grocery, liquor, food service and hardware for over 15 years, streamlining the transition to the NPC and other datapools.

Working with GS1 Australia’s NPC Supplier Enablement team, Bizcaps’ local team of specialists has developed a 3-stage supplier onboarding process to get suppliers NPC-ready quickly and smoothly:

  1. Assessment: confirming your recipient requirements and assessing your catalogue data
  2. Preparation: a coordinated approach to data validation and publishing, liaising with recipients and GS1 Australia
  3. Onboarding: facilitate the entire process of synchronising data to achieve NPC Ready/Live status, including GS1 and recipient advocacy and post-onboarding support.

With NPC-certified tools and local specialists, Bizcaps makes the entire onboarding process simple and streamlined, filling any product data management gap to support and sustain NPC data publishing obligations.

Bizcaps’ industry knowledge and ability to understand our requirements – and the demands on data within the healthcare industry – is excellent. We value their responsive and transparent customer service and support.” Clive Calder, Senior Manager Trade Technology, Pfizer

The benefits are clear. The Bizcaps healthcare customer community’s NPC data quality score is four times better than the industry average (source: GS1 Australia NPC Data Quality Insights October 2019), demonstrating that local customer support and proven systems are vitally important in managing NPC obligations.

“Bizcaps’ Supplier Onboarding successfully met our expectations, so the process did not consume a large part of our time or resources.” Daniel Xu, Warehouse & Distribution Analyst, GSK Consumer Healthcare