Working in an IT company, it is very tempting to talk about how excellent our technology solution is. You might have come across IT people who seem to forget about the human interaction surrounding everything to do with technology. Who want to tell you all the nitty gritty tech detail – when what you need to know is how the software can help your business run better.

When you come across a Tech Support person who:

• spends more time telling you how great the solution is
• focuses on how the solution is designed to operate
• is reluctant to listen with genuine interest to how things are working on the ground, at the coalface, in your business

… this is when alarm bells should ring.

This is an early warning sign that the Support Team are likely to be unresponsive, locked into seeing things from the solution’s perspective, and not focused on making the solution work for you.

No matter how brilliant a piece of software is, if the Support Team doesn’t actually care about your experience and your business, then minor glitches in the way a solution is running won’t be addressed quickly or proactively. You don’t want to risk an implementation hiccup ballooning into a big problem that impacts your bottom line.

Here at Bizcaps we focus on helping customers operate their business better – while our tools are critical in helping that happen, and our job is to ensure all the technical details are up to scratch, we’re not just focused on software. We listen to our customers, we buy their products, we are invested in their business goals.

Everyone on our Support Team works this way for all our customers – and for our Service Bureau customers we provide complete peace of mind day and night. We become an extension of your team and get to know not only the details and unique challenges of your business, but also the precise requirements of your trading partners. And then we make your data synchronisation happen, in the way you need it to happen – not the way it suits our software.