Changes to GS1net/NPC: Project Zodiac and GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3)

By Jose Filomeno and Drew Hayes

Q What is Project Zodiac?

A GS1 Australia is changing its technology service provider for GS1net/NPC from GXS to 1WorldSync. This will require some behind the scenes changes to the way GS1net/NPC works, but these changes will not affect Bizcaps users and their day to day use of our software and services. However, the GS1net/NPC system front end will be different, and you would notice this if you ever wish to login to your GS1net/NPC Catalogue.


Q For Zodiac, will there be any effect on my publishing to GS1net/NPC as a result of Migration Windows down time?

A Yes, so planning ahead is a must. We encourage you to publish your data updates 4 weeks in advance where possible. The following shows GS1net/NPC data-pool off-line dates and times scheduled for this year due to the Project Zodiac migration:

Event Offline from Resuming at

1 10pm on Thursday 27th August 6am on Monday 31st August 2015

2 11pm on Thursday 12th November 6am on Tuesday 17th November 2015

Q Leading up to Zodiac, GS1 will purge historical pricing data in GS1net – pricing that has been obsolete for more than 12 months. Will my Catalogue data be affected by this purging of historical price data? For example I have 10 SKUs in Bizcaps that I intend to re-launch later in the future, these SKUS had pricing dating back to 2012.

A Bizcaps will still have all the historical pricing data, and GS1net will have all end dated pricing purged prior to 31/5/2014.

Q What is GDSN Major Release 3?

A GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) is a scheduled update to the existing Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) standards, administered by GS1 globally. These standards underpin the functionality of GS1net/NPC service operated by GS1 Australia and New Zealand. As a result, MjR3 changes will have a major impact on the GS1net/NPC service going forward.

Q When do the MjR3 changes come into effect?

A MjR3 is scheduled for introduction in May 2016.

Q Will there be changes to the Bizcaps Catalogue, data and software functionality?

A Data mapping changes will have no impact on the usage of our software products, but changes to code list entries and some transformations of attribute data will be necessary as part of the conversion of catalogue items from data model v2.8 to v3.1. This will mostly happen automatically, but its impact on suppliers will vary depending on which attributes they populate. Bizcaps will provide analysis to each supplier of attributes in their catalogues that are affected and dispense advice on possible actions, if any, that need to be taken after go live. This analysis will be provided after all technical details have been finalized, which we expect will be by December 2015.

Q Will I need to populate additional product and pricing data attributes for MjR3?

A No – the current data requirements for your industry verticals and customers will remain as is. There will be work to change the way the existing data attributes are populated, and this may involve a number of new system fields that must be populated, but this work will be managed by Bizcaps for the changeover to MjR3 and ongoing.

Q Will there be any preparation needed from my side?

A The level of preparation suppliers will need to allow for will depend on the type of implementation they have:

1. For subscribers to our online service with no workflow implementation and no integration. Suppliers will need no preparation other than training and analysis review mentioned above.

2. For subscribers to our online service with integration only.

Suppliers may need to make minor adjustments to interface file content being transmitted to Bizcaps that, if required, will be advised in the analysis provided by Bizcaps later this year.

3. For subscribers to our online service with integration and workflow implementation and In-house implementations.

Suppliers will be contacted individually by Bizcaps before October 2015 to discuss preparations for their specific implementations.

Q Will there be need for training in Bizcaps after implementing MjR3 changes?

A Yes, we strongly recommend that suppliers attend training courses. Bizcaps will schedule these in early 2016 (most likely March and April), to introduce Bizcaps Version 4.


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