GS1 and NEHTA’s annual Healthcare Supply Chain Seminars were held in Sydney on 16/17 Sept. Here are 7 things you missed if you were unable to attend:

  1. Australian CSO Pharmaceutical wholesalers Symbion, Sigma, API and National Pharmacies agree to standardise their supply chain data by adopting global GS1 standards and using GS1net from Feb 2015. This will come into force in February 2015. Bizcaps can help you make sure your data is consolidated, clean and available to these trading partners.
  2. Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) and NSW Health calling on all suppliers to publish entire catalogues up to the NPC, not just contracted items. HPV also reminded suppliers that all information should be complete and correct and they should have processes in place to maintain data and flag obsolete items. Useful resources can be found at
  3. HPV staff able to do side-by-side comparisons to ensure the right product is purchased. When a healthcare buyer is not sure which of your products to purchase, the data you send to the NPC is being used by HPV buyers for side-by-side comparisons before an order is placed.
  4. Spotlight is now on RECALLNET. The spotlight for national Supply Chain reform is shining on GS1 Recallnet Healthcare, an electronic product recall notification system for therapeutic goods. Find out more about GS1 Recallnet here
  5. The CEO of HPV, Megan Main, sees procurement reform extending beyond hospitals – to Community Health, Home Care, Clinical Services, Med Group and Clinical Programs.
  6. SA Health Update. SA Health is progressing its supply chain reform agenda, with a commitment to One Procurement Solution. Deployment is occurring across six groups from December 2013 to June 2015, with Groups 1 and 2 complete and Groups 3 and 4 currently underway. What can you do? Confirm to SAH at you are publishing contract pricing to the NPC and they will download and validate your data.
  7. Ramsay Healthcare Update
    Ramsay Healthcare continues to work on engaging in EDI with its suppliers and is currently live with eight vendors: CH2, Baxter, Kimberly Clark, Smith & Nephew Medical, B Braun, Cook Medical, Becton Dickinson and Bunzl. In pilot are Medtronic; and Ramsay are in discussions with Device Technologies, Smith & Nephew Surgical, Conmed Linavtec, J&J/Depuy Synthes and Stryker.
    LOCATENET: Ramsay Healthcare’s implementation was completed in 2013. Find out more about Locatenet here
    RECALLNET: Recallnet implementation is in the initial stages of requirements gathering and internal stakeholder engagement. The goal is to implement Recallnet by end of Financial Year 2015.