Healthcare Buyers

For Healthcare Buyers and Distributors, Bizcaps MCIS is an easily-configured tool that enables on-going synchronisation of existing buyer systems with product and pricing information from suppliers, minimising errors and claims and reducing administrative workload.

Scalable for all sizes of organisation and requiring minimal set-up, MCIS can synchronise supplier data from the National Product Catalogue (NPC) or other data pools with one or many existing buyer systems. MCIS is currently used by organisations such as NSW Health, ACT Health, Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) and Healthscope.
MCIS uses powerful workflow elements to manage subsequent error handling, reporting and data routing.

Bizcaps Service Bureau staff are experts in the application of NPC, GDSN and NEHTA standards and they have purpose-built tools and extensive experience assisting buyers to on-board their suppliers and to synchronise their product data.

“The NPC is a success and should save at least $200 million per year. The Master Catalogue Information System developed by the people at Bizcaps Software has played a significant part in this.”
Dr Steve Hambleton, Chair NEHTA

Healthcare Suppliers

For Healthcare Suppliers, Bizcaps Enterprise SaaS software solutions enable Suppliers to create and maintain their product information, validated against configurable rules and synchronise it with their trading partners, via the GDSN-compliant the National Product Catalogue (NPC) or any other method required. Transactions between trading partners based on this synchronised data reduce errors and supply chain costs.

Scalable for all sizes of company, Enterprise can interface with one or many existing client systems to automatically collect and maintain product data, and can reverse-publish information to those systems.
Bizcaps Service Bureau staff are expert in the application of GS1 and NEHTA standards and the design, creation and maintenance of GDSN compliant product catalogues. They can cost-effectively manage a company’s product data requirements on a temporary or permanent basis.

Bizcaps Service Bureau can also assist healthcare suppliers with all aspects of contract tendering.

“Many thanks for your fantastic support, patience and expertise with this project …” – Mayo Healthcare

BPM and Workflow

Bizcaps BPM Business Process Manager is a powerful, scalable, browser-based workflow engine improving collaboration, process and productivity. Bizcaps BPM ensures that business-critical processes are optimised and monitored.
Bottlenecks and inefficiencies are exposed, leading to improved operational performance. Sensitive processes, such as regulatory compliance are standardised, with rigorous execution eliminating errors and ensuring compliance.

The innovative FlowScribe graphical extension for BPM allows non-technical users to develop or change Bizcaps BPM workflows.
FlowScribe slashes the time required to develop or modify workflows, as processes change or businesses develop

Bizcaps BPM and FlowScribe are powering productivity improvement in the Government, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Grocery and Liquor industries.
“Bizcaps has helped us successfully integrate data from disparate sources across the company into a single system. We have critical data at our fingertips and data access processes are streamlined. The solution has reduced errors, improved efficiency and increased accuracy ..”

GS1net and NPC

Bizcaps DataSync solution enables Suppliers to publish their product information to their trading partners, from a single source, via GS1net, the National Product Catalogue (NPC), GDSN compliant Datapools, electronic forms, UBFs or any other method required by their trading partners.
Bizcaps Enterprise is a powerful MDM and PIM repository that can store product data and images for validating, creating and publishing to your trading partners with DataSync or linking to your ERP, marketing or supply chain systems.
Bizcaps Buyer software also enables distributors and buyers to download product information from their suppliers via the NPC or GS1net and to use that data to synchronise with their own back-end systems, such as purchasing and ERP.
Bizcaps Service Bureau staff are experts in the application of GS1net standards and the creation and maintenance of compliant product catalogues.

Bizcaps software was the first middleware certified for use with GS1net and is now certified for all GS1 industry verticals.

“We have always found the Bizcaps' GS1net Service Bureau to be fast, efficient and thorough and would highly recommend it to any company wishing to outsource their GS1net requirements” – Old Fashioned Foods (Aust)


Bizcaps EDI is a partnership based on 20 years’ experience providing EDI solutions to suppliers and buyers of all sizes.

Bizcaps EDI solution supplies well-proven tools for rapid data mapping, support for all common EDI formats, support of all transaction types (purchase orders, responses, invoices, despatch advices etc) and highly configurable reporting.

Our EDI solution already links suppliers to most major Retailers and Healthcare providers in Australia and New Zealand. Their EDI systems are already mapped to the Bizcaps solution. Connecting is simple, fast and economical.
Our EDI solutions can be deployed either on in-house servers, or provided as a fully managed SaaS solution. This managed solution eliminates the need to install or maintain software or manage any complex data connections.

We can provide the solution in configurations to suit any client’s needs, from web portals and starter packages through to powerful, integrated systems. The solution already integrates with most major ERP and accounting systems.

“Bizcaps EDI solution is fully compatible with its DataSync and MDM Software …” –

Bizcaps in Brief

Bizcaps Software specialises in rapid-deployment business process management (BPM), software connecting people, processes and information across organisations.

Bizcaps also specialises in product (PIM) and master data management (MDM) software, incorporating industry-leading plug-in functionality for simple integration with ERP and industry-specific systems.

Bizcaps MDM solutions DataSync, Enterprise and MCIS provide product data synchronisation and master data management for both suppliers and buyers, based on GDSN and GS1 standards, across the world, across all industries.
Bizcaps BPM Business Process Manager can be rapidly configured to optimise, control and monitor almost any type of activity in any industry.

Bizcaps unique A+ Implementation Framework ensures that every implementation is delivered on schedule and within budget. Bizcaps Service Bureau and award-winning Support Units provide training, on-line and phone help and back-up assistance to cover absence or major projects.
Bizcaps range of solutions support many of the world's leading companies improve and harmonise their internal processes and to trade electronically with their commercial partners.