Whether you’re international organisation or a family-owned manufacturer, the security and integrity of your business-critical data and intellectual property (IP) is vital. An online PIF V6 portal makes your data even more secure.

At Bizcaps Software our business is helping companies get better value from their data by making it more secure, more accessible and more useful. We put your data to work to improve every aspect of your business, and to do that we want your data safe and sound, with maximum security, integrity and accuracy.

This makes us big fans of the AFGC’s online PIF V6, and we love what our PIF portal, PIF Manager™ offers food and beverage companies.

More secure than ever before

The PIF V6 is substantially more secure than previous versions of the PIF, including the Excel-based V5. For a start, online PIFs are stored in an online PIF portal. With PIF Manager, your IP is safeguarded in the Bizcaps private cloud.

This is much safer than having printed PIFs lying around or Excel spreadsheets saved to laptops. These can all be stolen, seized in commercial disputes, or lost with the failure of hard drives or fires in commercial premises.

Databases containing V6 PIFs are stored in highly secure data centres, with each client stored in their own database and physically separate folder structures. For Bizcaps, both the principal and disaster recovery data centres are located in Australia and are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and built to Australian Standard AS2834.

Bizcaps data centres protect the IP of organisations including the health departments of NSW and Victoria, many of the largest pharmaceutical, medical device and FMCG companies in Australia, and international companies with extremely stringent security requirements such as Pfizer, Roche and Coca-Cola.

Many of our long-standing clients maintain extremely sensitive data and conduct application and system penetration tests.

Encrypted point-to-point transfer

Your V6 PIFs are transmitted to your trading partners from your PIF portal to theirs, via encrypted messaging to your nominated recipients. The portals only use authorised, whitelisted IP addresses and proprietary vendor-to-vendor communications to transmit your PIFs.

This specified point-to point system provides significantly more security than the transfer of a physical document or the attachment of an Excel spreadsheet or PDF to an email. We all know from our own bitter experience that emails are far too easily misdirected, and at risk of being viewed by an unauthorised recipient.

In-built version control

With PIF V6, every change made to your PIFs leaves an audit trail. When you’re working on a PIF V6, even the work in progress is conducted with the secure private cloud with in-built version tracking and data integrity measures.

This is one of the easiest ways you can ensure your business-critical data is accurate and up to date with a single source of truth. Even if you’re storing V5 PIFs as spreadsheets on a centrally-located shared server, users tend to copy PIFs to their local drive before working on them, and then distribute them by email, leaving out of date versions in the shared file and leaving sensitive information on unprotected devices.

No downside

There’s no downside to making the move to V6 PIFs. They’re faster, easier and more secure. You can enter as little or as much data as you need. You can create a basic PIF V6 for your products without entering any essential IP if you wish, or you can take advantage of the vast array of attributes the PIF V6 captures (roughly twice the range of the PIF V5). Securely.