Annadurai Krishnan is Technical Lead at Bizcaps  

What keeps you going professionally?

The very cool thing about Bizcaps is how friendly it is. I look forward to coming into the office. It’s a fun environment to work in – and that gives the team a productive edge. I start each working day with a check of my inbox for emails from clients so that we can respond to any issue or identify any opportunity to help them straight away. Engaging with our clients and earning their confidence is a part of my role at Bizcaps that I really enjoy.

What makes each day interesting?

A little bit of a challenge. I have been working on developing a new product which keeps me on my toes. I really relish the drive to keep progressing towards our target and bring a brand new solution into being as soon as possible.

What do you value?

I believe in simplicity. Being accountable to the things I’ve committed to. Whatever I take on, I aim to be responsible for it.

How do your clients describe you?

I think probably they’d describe me as a Superman. Just kidding. What I want is for clients to relax when they’re working with me – and be confident the job will be done. First up I do a detailed analysis and then tell them how long it will take. Then we can both be confident that at the end of the timeline they will have the outcome they want.

What would be impossible for you to go without?

I love an uninterrupted lunch break! But… mostly it doesn’t happen. The benefit of some quiet time over lunch is that I like to go through my technical feeds while eating – it gives me an understanding of what is happening tech-wise around the world.