Users of FoodWorks® can now opt to have their FoodWorks nutrition analysis, recipe development and labelling software connected to the AFGC certified PIF Manager™.  PIF data integration between Bizcaps Software’s PIF Manager™ and Xyris Software’s FoodWorks is two-way and a real timesaver for users working with PIF™ information.

The two-way connection enables FoodWorks users to receive AFGC electronic v6.0 PIFs into their secure PIF Manager™ portal where they are stored and version controlled. The ingredient PIF data is able to be sent to FoodWorks for use in recipe formulation. No re-keying data.

Once recipes are built in FoodWorks, this recipe data can be pushed into PIF Manager™ where users can then complete the v6.0 PIFs. Again, no re-keying data.  Once the PIF is ready, PIF Manager™ allows it to be automatically circulated for completion and approval. The final PIF is saved, version controlled and sent in minutes. Partially completed PIFs can be saved as drafts.

Once PIFs are sent, PIF Manager™ keeps a record of where each PIF was sent and controls the versioning automatically.  When users need to update their PIFs, PIF Manager™ will automatically time stamp and archive the old version, complete with an audit trail showing what has been changed in the updated version, by whom, and when.  For FoodWorks users this mean updates to recipes and PIFs are automated and managed by the two systems.

PIF v6.0 will be officially launched by the AFGC on the 17th July at the AIFST conference in Sydney and PIF Manager will be ready for use.

PIF™ and ePIF™ are registered trademarks of the Australian Food & Grocery Council
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