At Bizcaps, we genuinely believe that our company is all about the people who work here. We are proud of our values, and proud of the team who got up at dawn this year to help set-up and serve at Rotary’s Sydney Anzac Day BBQ.

Each year this BBQ is organised by Joe Botta, an 87 year young Rotary member, and Bizcaps’ CEO Rob Clifton-Steele has been serving up sausages at the BBQ for three years now.

Rotary is a cause close to Rob’s heart – not only for its support of local projects – but also for its involvement in an important project in South Sudan, building a school for girls in the remote village of Abyei Ajok and providing support for young women who want to finish a high school education in one of the larger towns and then become schoolteachers. You can learn more here

It was a privilege to be able to show our support and help raise funds for Rotary’s causes.