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Peter Blinco is Director at Bizcaps 

What drives you?

From its origins when I founded Bizcaps 14 years ago, right through to now, I see a clear need in the marketplace for tools to help businesses maintain and exchange product data. I see this need continuing into the future. Our ideas from all those years ago have been well proven.

What makes each day interesting?

The whole data thing is something I enjoy – I genuinely appreciate the many benefits of good, clean data. Currently I am putting a new software solution through its paces to ensure it is performing at its best, is user-friendly and fulfils the promises we make to our clients. Plus I do relish the odd query from our support team when there’s an issue with our legacy systems – because I remember when they were state of the art!

What do you value?

I believe that what we do here at Bizcaps has so much value for modern commerce. A simple mistake such as getting the number of units wrong in a carton will upset the whole pricing mechanism. I have worked with some major retailers and right through my career I’ve witnessed the extent of this problem.

Checking product data and confirming pricing makes sure suppliers are being paid what has been agreed to and is a significant part of large retailers’ work. If there’s a dispute, a claim will be raised and this can cost big money. All this work and expense is eliminated if the product information is completely trustworthy, and this is why the big buyers have embraced these tools.

How do your clients describe you?

A couple of our original clients from the early days of Bizcaps still ask for me whenever they need anything. When you make the promises at the beginning, and win someone’s trust, the relationship is strong.

What stops your work from getting boring?

Even when you enjoy the challenge of the work, data and pricing in itself can become a boring subject! So we have social events and a lot of fun in the office. We are now established in other verticals such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which have different needs to groceries, and this brings new complexities and challenges.

What would be impossible for you to go without?

Jane and I have a coffee down the road every morning and that’s definitely part of the day I wouldn’t give up.

What are you proud of?

I’m very proud of where the business is today and I’m proud of the employees because they have got it there. We make a positive impact on supplier-customer relationships through improving the quality and consistency of data.  The savings this brings to industry are remarkable – so I’m proud that we are helping the profitability of industries where margins are so tight.