The Riverina Dairy stands out from the crowd as one of the most modern dairy operations in Australia. It breeds its own cows, and controls every aspect of production and transportation – so its milk is used within hours. This commitment to control, quality and consistency extends to its corporate processes, and attracted the company to the new PIF V6.

“Consistency and control over all our business processes – whether on the farm or in the office – is key to the outstanding quality standards our brand rests on,” explains Ben MacCauley, Quality Improvement Coordinator at The Riverina Dairy.

“We love the consistency that’s built into the new online PIF V6,” he said. “Once we left behind the old Excel spreadsheets and made the move online, it was just so easy to achieve consistency of documentation across all our different products. No more fiddling with documents – with PIF V6 everything is formatted correctly automatically.”

The Riverina Dairy was attracted to the benefits PIF V6 promised its business, but it was the simplified pricing plan that put Bizcaps PIF Manager™ firmly within its reach. PIF Manager is a user-friendly portal that stores, manages and shares V6 PIFs with a host of time-saving features.

“PIF Manager’s pricing structure is simple and affordable,” said Ben MacCauley. “And as well as creating and sharing our PIFs, we have realised a big additional benefit in its document management capabilities. PIF Manager gives us a system where all our product data is securely organised in the same space, making it so much easier and more efficient to update our records and certifications as required.”

Previously, The Riverina Dairy worked with a folder full of Excel V5 PIFs, and each one had to be manually updated, monitored and reviewed. Each time a product record needed updating, five or six PIFs relating to each SKU needed updating individually.

“it was easy to make clerical errors or to miss things, and so there was always a lot of manual work to mitigate against the risk of misleading a customer by providing the wrong information, or of having stock returned because it didn’t conform to a customer’s specification, or simply of delays when customers need to clarify the information we shared.

“With PIF Manager all these problems are eliminated. PIF Manager allows us to create one PIF and then duplicate it for multiple SKUs. It has cut down the time we spend on PIFs and has improved our accuracy. Plus it’s great to have software from a local company, so we can get a response to any query straight away.”