Fresh meat and poultry company Perfecto Quality Foods was thrilled when another major supermarket agreed to stock its products late last year. But the win came with an unexpected challenge for the small family-owned business.

The supermarket chain requires all its suppliers to share their product and pricing information in an online Product Information Form (PIF) via the new PIF V6 developed by the Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC).

Perfecto is no stranger to the major supermarkets. It was the first company in Australia to develop and supply the large supermarkets in NSW with the original Perfecto Fresh Chicken Seasoned Kebab Sticks. Perfecto Quality Foods products are available at major supermarkets in NSW as well as various independent retailers.

However, this new partnership was the first time they’d needed to provide a PIF V6. With its own suppliers all still using the old Excel-based PIF V5, Perfecto’s administration team had never worked with the online PIF before.

“I’d never seen one before – the whole portal system to manage and exchange PIFs online was completely new to me,” explained Perfecto’s Gabrielle Pesl.

“I did my research and found Bizcaps Software. I was reassured by the fact that their team is right here in Australia, so it’s easy to be in touch with them by phone.

“Once I signed up, Bizcaps had us set up in 30 minutes. The next morning they gave me some training, and that was really all I needed. Because PIF Manager™ is so easy to use, with clear step-by-step prompts that explain everything you need to do, we haven’t had any problems.”

Creating and supplying the PIF went so smoothly, and made operations easier and more streamlined, so Perfecto are now creating V6 PIFs for their entire product range, and introducing their suppliers to the new online system.

“PIF Manager is so much easier,” said Pesl. “With Excel you need to start each new PIF from scratch. We’re gradually importing all our standard product range to the new system, and will definitely be using PIF V6 for products we currently have in development. We really value our reputation for quality and innovation, and PIF Manager has helped us enhance that.”