Why the AFGC recommends PIF V6
PIF V6 is the first tool in the Australian Food & Grocery Council’s state-of-the-art Authorised Food Data System developed to help industry turn data into information.

The PIF V5 Excel spreadsheet based platform is no longer capable of delivering the functionality or the flexibility in data management you need. The AFGC has ceased supporting the V5 PIF, so it has not been updated since 2012. The AFGC strongly recommends that it should no longer be used.

The transition to PIF V6 is easier with a range of industry tools and resources developed by the AFGC and other industry bodies.

Find them all here on the AFGC’s website or go straight to a free 8-minute webinar overview presented by Dr Geoffrey Annison, Deputy Chief Executive at the AFGC.

More secure than ever before
The PIF V6 is substantially more secure than previous versions of the PIF, including the Excel-based V5. For a start, online PIFs are stored in a PIF portal which is effectively a private cloud.

This is much safer than having printed PIFs lying around or Excel spreadsheets saved to laptops. Our clients have shared stories recently of PIFs being stolen, seized in commercial or marital disputes, or lost with the failure of hard drives or fires in commercial premises.

Databases containing V6 PIFs are stored in highly secure data centres, with each client stored in their own database and physically separate folder structures. For Bizcaps, both the principal and disaster recovery data centres are located in Australia and are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and built to Australian Standard AS2834.

Read more about the safest way to share your IP.

PIF V6: A must-have for trading partners
Murray River Salt’s first PIF V6 was for its iconic Murray River Salt™ Pink Flakes, and since mid-2018 it has consistently expanded its suite of online PIFs which now cover almost all their food grade finished products.

The company has seen the PIF V6 go from an emerging tool mainly required by the big manufacturers, to an industry standard embraced by its customers large and small. Around 80% of its customers now require product information to be shared via a PIF V6.

Read why this suits Murray River Salt down to the ground.

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