Investing in innovation
Langdon Ingredients was one of the earliest adoptors of PIF V6 and have been using Bizcaps PIF Manager™ since the beginning to streamline, manage and exchange their product information. Bizcaps Software has worked closely with the Australian Food & Grocery Council and the Langdon Quality Assurance team to bring in ideas and recommendations for teams to manage large volumes of PIFs moving forward.

Langdon Ingredients is one of the region’s largest suppliers of quality ingredients, services and niche food products to food manufacturers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. With thousands of Product Information Forms, Langdon’s experience and participation in the AFGC’s PIF V6 Implementation Group will help others in the industry make the move to the online PIF.

Celebrating 170 years, catch up here on how Langdon is continuing to invest in new products and new ways of doing business.

Making things easier for family businesses
Patel Services imports and exports high quality herb, spices and psyllium products. As a mid-sized Australian family-owned and operated business, keeping red tape to a minimum and ensuring compliance is smooth and efficient is critical to the company’s bottom line. Bizcaps PIF Manager™ has transformed the way the company exchanges product data with its customers.

“Once we had our own PIF portal, all I needed to do was replicate the original PIF which Bizcaps helped us develop in 2019, and create the new forms with the new product codes,” said director Janki Patel. “It was an immediate pay-off from signing up to PIF Manager, and saved us so much time. As a family-operated business, software that makes data management faster and more accurate is a huge help.”

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Big business benefits for small companies
The Bizcaps PIF Manager™ Partner Program puts all the benefits that bigger businesses are gaining from the online PIF V6 and a PIF portal within easy, affordable reach of small to medium food companies. Plus you benefit from professional QA expertise, on hand just when you need it – without the salary overheads.

We asked Janette Hughes of Melbourne Quality Assurance, one of first PIF Manager Partners, what the challenges are for smaller organisations.

“When a company has budgetary pressures, we can help them make the transition to the new online PIF more cost-effectively,” she said. “It’s quicker for an experienced professional to create a V6 PIF than it is for someone who first needs to learn about food safety and labelling laws or the AFGC system – and with our PIF Manager portal, we are already set up and ready to create and share our clients’ V6 PIFs. The PIF portal allows information to be shared securely, swiftly and easily.”

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You can learn more about PIF Manager here.

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