Langdon Ingredients and Mars were the first Australian companies to exchange an ePIF™ by portal-to-portal direct transmission, after PIF Manager’s XML messaging function went live this week.

Langdon used Bizcaps Software’s PIF Manager™ secure portal to send the ePIF to Mars, eliminating all manual handling.

Once Langdon staff in Melbourne authorised the approved ePIF, Bizcaps PIF Manager directed it to the Mars portal and recorded all the required transmission details. Staff at MARS simply reviewed the ePIF in their portal and decided whether to accept or reject it.

The fully automated transmission with XML messaging took a matter of seconds and wipes out the last remaining traces of manual saving, version control and data entry involved in the exchange of PIFs.

Since the AFGC launched PIF V6.0 last year, the way the food industry sends and receives trading and product information has been transformed. The online ePIF streamlines the process of recording, controlling, reporting and sharing product information – and will mark the end of Excel spreadsheets for this purpose.

Bizcaps PIF Manager provides a trusted, reliable web-based portal for the setup, storage, search and sharing of ePIFs between customers and suppliers. An online PIF portal, PIF Manager is licensed to incorporate the AFGC’s Electronic Food Data System, and creates a comprehensive audit trail on every field with change logs to provide visibility and control of changes in all updated ePIFs.

Bizcaps is the only Australian-owned company licensed to provide an ePIF portal, with local support. Bizcaps PIF Manager supports food suppliers and their customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Rob Clifton-Steele, CEO of Bizcaps Software said: “At Bizcaps, we are proud to have been part of the development of this exciting innovation which will dramatically improve efficiency and accuracy in the exchange of food data.”

Media contact:  James Mathews, 0407 416 002

Media contact: Rob Clifton-Steele, CEO, 02 9252 7533

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