Pfizer has loaded its products to the NEHTA National Product Catalogue (NPC), using Bizcaps Enterprise software and Bizcaps Bureau Service.
NEHTA aims to make the NPC the primary source of data for all health-related purchasing in Australia, which is one of the first countries in the world to develop a single, national health products catalogue. With the NPC, NEHTA expects that product data synchronisation between suppliers and their trading partners, invoice claims and out of stock situations will be reduced dramatically. To date, more than 225 healthcare suppliers have loaded products to the NPC.
Pfizer has a proud Australian history dating back to 1954. It is Australia’s number-one consumer healthcare company, the leading provider of prescription medicines and animal health products.
Pfizer recently acquired Wyeth, forming the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.
Bizcaps is Australia’s leading supplier of software and services to help suppliers upload their product data to datapools such as the NPC and GS1net. Bizcaps Enterprise E2 is one of a range of Product Data Management and Business Process Management solutions available from Bizcaps.
Bizcaps Bureau Service (BBS) is a full-service product data entry team that can help suppliers gather, cleanse and input data to GS1net or the NPC. BBS can assist any size company, permanently or temporarily, with help ranging from taking full responsibility for all product data through to simply covering unexpected staff absences or peak workloads.