Bizcaps has been busily working with the AFGC and our clients over the past few months as the PIF V6.0 project is rolled out across ANZ. Feedback from users has been invaluable for the AFGC and Bizcaps to better understand how information for PIF V6.0 is gathered and for Bizcaps to further streamline that process.  This has resulted in changes to the PIF V6.0 which will benefit all those who complete it, including:

  1. Enhanced PIF mapping functionality

We are excited to announce that PIF 5.0 to V6.0 mapping has changed and there is agreement from the AFGC that more data from V5.0 will populate V6.0.  Previously Section 2.6 in PIF V5.0 was not being mapped into PIF V6.0. Bizcaps is delighted to announce that following on from discussions with our clients we have been able to champion this cause – and now with the agreement of the AFGC PIF Review Working Group – more fields considered critical to many will be mapped from V5.0 to V6.0. The major beneficiaries of this will be ingredients companies – but it is an important win for all PIF users as it will reduce the demand for data entry for everyone.

  1. Regular PIF ingredient list

Bizcaps clients are thrilled to see that in PIF Manager they now have the capability of including regularly used ingredients into their database and are able to easily reselect the same ingredients to add to a new PIF, eliminating the need to rekey the same data over and over again.  Bizcaps clients have been very excited by this functionality.

  1. Simplifying PIFs shared by multiple customers and keeping your costs down

A single PIF can now be sent to multiple customers, each with a unique product ID, and all for the cost of just one PIF. This is an important improvement as it eliminates the need to create, maintain and pay for multiple PIFs.  So where previously you may have saved a PIF for each customer, in PIF Manager the system can still maintain the information but you are not paying for each slightly different PIF.

In order to manage requests for change in an orderly manner, the AFGC has developed a PIF Change Request Process. You can download the AFGC PIF V6.0 Change Request Form here.

Or you can email your feedback and suggestions for Bizcaps to