Bizcaps Software is pleased to announce a new way to help its customers navigate the world of online PIFs and showcase some of the key features PIF Manager™ brings to food and beverage companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Four new half-hour training sessions have been launched.  These online courses cover the essential features of PIF Manager, including:

  1. Optimising efficiency with the new User Interface: Tips for using PIF Manager as a transition tool and efficient PIF management leveraging the new UI. Plus: best practice for filing PIFs, automating certificate updates, maintaining records, contacting trading partners and getting the most from your PIF portal.
  2. Sending PIFs: Steps you through data maintenance, cover letters, loading records and companies into your portal, sending V6 and V5 PIFs and emailing PDFs.
  3. Managing attachments: Inside tips for searching and keeping certificates up to date automatically. Includes: searching for expired certificates, bulk updated for PIF issue dates and certificates, bulk attachments and reporting for expired PIFs.
  4. Comparing PIFs: How to automate side-by-side PIF comparisons to determine differences between two PIFs, identify changes made between issue numbers of the same PIF or during approval processes, or check for differences between similar ingredients. 

Training delivery: via Webex
Users: unlimited – within your organisation
Cost: $135+GST per training session 

For more information or to book your training now:  Paolina Biviano, +61 2 9252 7533