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Product Master Data Management Solutions For The Liquor Industry

PDM Tools to Streamline the Creation, Validation and Maintenance of Your Product Data Against GS1 Standards

Our supply chain master data management solutions empower businesses in the liquor industry to manage their product data more effectively, increasing efficiencies and saving time and resources through fast, automated product data management processes.

At a time when the liquor industry faces increasing pressures – from high competition and rising compliance requirements to counterfeiting threats and increasing costs – the need for better-managed workflows and more effective control of product information has never been higher.

Combining our proven expertise in GDSN and NPC datapool publishing with secure, cloud-based supply chain data management software solutions, Bizcaps helps liquor industry distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers to improve product data management processes through powerful, automated workflows and intuitive tools.

Using our advanced product data management (PDM) solutions, you can collect, maintain and validate master product data against GS1 standards with ease, freeing up staff and resources and reducing the time requirements of manual product data management processes.

Quickly and easily synchronise supplier product data with your own internal records, such as your ERP system. This allows for simple updating and enhancing of your internal product catalogue, enabling you to bring products to market faster while ensuring compliance requirements are met.

What’s more, the ability to maintain a streamlined flow of accurate, up to date product master data means you can meet the changing needs and evolving demands of your increasingly savvy customers, delivering a superior experience that gives you a competitive edge.

Boost Efficiencies in Your Supply Chain Master Data Management

Increased efficiencies are good news for your business and your bottom line. Our product data management (PDM) software boosts efficiencies across your supply chain data management via powerful workflows driven by automation.

Creating, maintaining and validating product master data against GS1 standards can be performed in less time and with fewer resources, while remaining compliant and sharing product information with trading partners is made easier than ever.

Configurable Product Data Management Software to Fit Your Business Needs

However your business operates within the liquor industry, you need PDM tools that meet your specific requirements and integrate seamlessly with your systems.

Our supply chain master data management software offers smooth integration with your existing internal systems and can be configured to provide the best fit for your organisation – from full-service implementation with Bizcaps Professional Services or DIY toolkits that allow you to design your own workflows and applications, supported by training and technical reference documentation.

Introduce and Develop New Products With Ease

With powerful automated workflows for product data governance, new product introduction (NPI) and new product development (NPD) processes, our master data management tools allow you to launch new products fast while meeting regulatory compliance.

By automating the required internal approvals and streamlining processes, our PDM solutions save you time while freeing up your staff and internal resources.

Secure, Cloud-Based PDM Solutions

Our cloud-based supply chain product data management software gives liquor industry businesses the flexibility and scalability they need to drive their business forward while offering a robust and secure solution that enhances product data management processes.

From easier regulatory compliance to improved data accuracy and consistency and maximised sales opportunities, our PDM software offers a host of business benefits to liquor industry organisations.

Product Data Management Solutions For Liquor Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Our supply chain master data management solutions are used by customers operating across the liquor industry, including distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers of liquor products.

The Bizcaps’ team, particularly Drew Hayes, are extremely responsive and supportive. Our requirements have been covered off without fuss and the supplied tools enabled us to centralise our data for easy review and update.
Jacqui Perrett

Grant Burge Wines

Bizcaps cloud-based technology solutions – combined with our GDSN and NPC datapool publishing expertise – help Liquor businesses easily collect, maintain and exchange validated product information with their trading partners.


Cloud-based product data management software solutions for the Liquor Industry


Quickly and securely validate and synchronise key product information between buyers and suppliers.


Service Bureau

Outsource expert product data support and maintenance – without the overheads.



Streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and management of your product data with distributors and customers.



Boost productivity by automating and controlling processes with workflow tools.


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