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Did you know we have a specific, affordable Ad Hoc PIF Manager service to help companies who are asked by just one or two of their customers to supply a PIF V6?

Unlike a lot of my friends, I actually like change – it keeps me on my toes and I love the moments of excitement. As more and more food companies and distributors start moving to PIF V6, there’s plenty of excitement and more than a few jitters as well.

One of the other things I like about change is being able to help people find their feet and broach new processes in a way that’s easy for them and fuss-free.

Our Ad Hoc PIF Manager service means I’ve been able to do that quite a bit recently – and it’s so rewarding to hear the relief in my clients’ voices as I explain just how simple the process is.

One company contacted me recently in a panic when their customer asked them for a PIF. They had never filled in a PIF before, not even an Excel V5. I was able to offer our services immediately. I created a blank PIF V6 online for them to fill in, and walked them through the software so they could easily add in all their information.  The PIF Manager system guides users by highlighting mandatory fields and requirements, depending on the type of PIF required.  

Bizcaps’ Ad Hoc PIF Manager service means that we will:

  • walk you through the PIF Manager portal to show you the ropes
  • create preformatted PIF V6 forms for you to complete online – either from scratch or by loading up an existing V5 PIF spreadsheet for you to add new data to
  • generate the finalised PIF V6 with all certificates attached and transmit them via our online portal, to one or more of your customers.

This service is for up to 10 PIFs, happens within a turnaround time of just two days, and is completely fuss-free!