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The first line of defence in the war against counterfeiting has arrived.

With crime syndicates increasingly active in the production and trade of counterfeit products, Bizcaps Software has partnered with Authenticateit to roll out a powerful supply chain platform which enables counterfeit products to be easily identified.

Authenticateit’s free smartphone app enables users to check product authenticity, and immediately notifies brand owners of counterfeit stock and its location.

Based on global standards, this clever technology will detect any anomalies in the supply chain and allow you to take immediate action to bar, disable or neutralise unauthorised imports or counterfeit operations at the source.

Counterfeit products for sale or use cannot be successfully authenticated when scanned via the smartphone app – immediately stopping purchase and use.  The platform’s Product Serialisation module generates a GS1 Serialised Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN) that can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, a brand’s existing barcode system.  Each product that contains a serial number is stored in a cloud-based database with a set of restrictions created and managed by the brand.

This partnership brings Bizcaps’ expertise in supply chain technology to Authenticateit’s powerful protection platform.  The free Authenticateit mobile app is available through the Apple App store and Google Play.

See Authenticateit works with a single barcode that adheres to GS1 global-standards.
Authenticateit’s mission is threefold:
To empower consumers to protect themselves from counterfeiters
To empower brands to manage their brands and intellectual property
To empower buyers and distributors with the confidence to trade on equal grounds

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