The new online PIF V6 was designed by the industry, for the industry – and it is set to save food companies everywhere time and money. Like anything new, having the right information and guidance at hand helps the transition go smoothly.

The Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology (AIFST) recently ran a series of webinars especially for food suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. Each webinar focused on a key section of the new PIF V6 and how to make it work for your organisation.

Fiona Fleming, Managing Director at AIFST, facilitated each webinar. Fiona has been involved with the development of the PIF right from the start, working hard to ensure that compliance and data exchange is as complete, efficient and streamlined as possible for food companies.  No-one is more qualified to take you through PIF v6.0 and answer your PIF questions.

If you missed the webinars you can watch the video and download the presentations:

Allergen Information (Section 3.2)
An allergen is any specified food that may cause adverse allergic reactions, and these all now need to be declared on food labels. Allergen labelling is a high-stakes topic, and this section of PIF V6 can seem particularly daunting. Fiona’s expert guidance will give you all the information you need to understand the requirements, and get set to take advantage of the compliance support provided by PIF V6.
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Ingredient Declaration (Section 2.1)
PIF V6 asks you to provide a complete list of ingredients including additives, processing aids, and vitamins and minerals. It gives you two options to choose from – a full breakdown (Option 1) or a summary (Option 2), and the AIFST webinar reviews each of these different approaches.
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Country of Origin (Section 2.2)
With recent changes to the regulations, country of origin labelling (CoOL) is treated very differently in PIF V6, compared to PIF V5. This webinar explores this section of the PIF V6.
Watch the webinar here
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