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Bizcaps MCIS

Bizcaps MCIS is an easily-configured tool that enables buyers and distributors in any industry to synchronise their existing systems with product, pricing and supply chain information from suppliers, published to them through datapools such as GS1net and the NPC, or delivered directly via electronic forms or spreadsheets.

MCIS manages the administrative workload associated with harmonising large volumes of product and supply chain information between trading partners.

MCIS minimises expensive errors and claims, common where these processes are attempted manually.

MCIS is intuitive, highly configurable and web-based. It can be deployed rapidly, without the need for specialist training.

  • Real-time data synchronisation, activated by configurable triggers
  • On-going management of the synchronisation process
  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Powerful configurable workflow to handle synchronised data or errors
  • Configurable validation, translations and synchronisation triggers
  • Customisable reporting
  • Powerful search capabilities

MCIS includes a secure portal to store and retrieve digital assets, ensuring distribution of product images and key product information directly to MCIS users and connected systems.

MCIS is currently used by organisations such as the NSW Health Department, ACT Health, Health Purchasing Victoria, and Healthscope.

MCIS can help manage the buyer-supplier relationship and dramatically improve supply chain efficiency between buyers and distributors and their trading partners in all industry sectors.

Bizcaps MCIS underpins and co-ordinates all buyer-side systems in any trading partner relationship.


"Bizcaps MCIS means that we have virtually eliminated price variations and other mistakes …" ACT Health Supply Services

"Working with really tight timeframes, Bizcaps personnel are very professional and friendly. We find them easy to work with." HealthShare NSW

"The system was installed in a matter of days .." Healthscope