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Enterprise Data Manager

Bizcaps Enterprise is a powerful Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution that allows unlimited data and images to be imported, validated, manipulated and held in a configurable and expandable repository.

Master Data in Bizcaps Enterprise becomes a single source of accurate product information, for use in any related systems, particularly sales and marketing, supply chain and all forms of e-commerce and EDI. Browser-based, SaaS, Bizcaps Enterprise can, for instance, be accessed by sales representatives using mobile devices to provide on-the-spot product information to prospective customers or by marketing departments to feed consumer catalogues or online marketing.

As the first middleware certified for GS1net, Bizcaps now has extensive experience working with Australian and NZ companies across all industry sectors to:

  • create, validate and maintain product data catalogues for publication GS1net and the NPC, guaranteed to comply with GDSN standards and adhere to your configurable business rules.
  • automatically generate fields or attributes based on business rules or standards.
  • integrate and maintain product data catalogues with existing ERP and other systems, such as SAP and Navision.
  • audit and report on product data changes.

Enterprise Data Manager features powerful workflow capabilities that let you streamline the management of your product data collection, review, authorisation and data synchronisation processes.

Bizcaps Enterprise is tighly integrated to Bizcaps DataSync for publishing data to trading partners via GDSN data pools or any other method required

Bizcaps Enterprise is all you need to publish data to GDSN compliant data pools