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Bizcaps FlowScribe is a simple-to-use graphical interface that is supplied with Bizcaps BPM Business Process Manager solution. FlowScribe makes building, and modifying workflows intuitive and fast and it eliminates costly, time-consuming and error-prone programming.

It uses ingenious drag and drop designer functionality to enable anyone with fundamental computer knowledge to quickly and easily design new workflows.

Using FlowScribe, creating, deploying or subsequently modifying sophisticated workflows becomes simple and intuitive. Users simply select an icon from a Toolbox of BPM objects (such as tasks, events or processes) and drag them onto a design surface to build a diagram of the process they are creating. FlowScribe automatically creates workflows and ‘swimlanes’ for those responsible for tasks. When complete, FlowScribe builds the underlying computer coding.

FlowScribe guarantees rapid deployment of workflows and allows swift modification. It supports the global standard standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Workflows created in FlowScribe can be exported and printed in a variety of formats.