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Business Process Manager

Bizcaps BPM Business Process Manager can be rapidly configured to optimise, automate and monitor almost any type of activity in any industry.

BPM is a powerful but intuitive tool that can streamline any process within your organisation, particularly high-value processes that rely on human interaction, judgement and collaboration or sensitive compliance processes that require rigorous execution.

Browser based, it is highly scalable and can be implemented without expensive coding or systems development. It integrates seamlessly with Bizcaps MDM and DataSync software.

  • New product development and introduction
  • Tender management
  • Asset or product maintenance, refresh or retirement
  • Document processing and routing
  • Customer on-boarding, membership management, claims processing, approval management
  • Case management, human resource.

BPM guarantees standardisation for sensitive processes for regulatory compliance, through configurable business rules and rigorous execution of predetermined steps.

While allowing collaboration, also sustains procedural discipline for applications such as:

  • OH&S obligations
  • ASIC and company secretarial responsibilities
  • TGA applications, filing and reporting

Using Bizcaps unique FlowScribe ® graphical interface, BPM permits simple modification by authorised users, should a process, routing or responsibility change.


Bizcaps BPM allows you to take control

Business Process

"Bizcaps has helped us successfully integrate data from disparate sources across the company into a single system. We have critical data at our fingertips and data access processes are streamlined. The solution has reduced errors, improved efficiency and increased accuracy .." Pfizer