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Bizcaps FoodTech is a powerful and flexible software tool to simplify the rapid development of product recipes.

FoodTech allows you to accurately and instantly record each stage of development. It simplifies the tasks of collecting, evaluating and acting on the results of test kitchen trials, taste and consumer testing and product costing.

All the information that is needed for regulatory statements such as nutrition panels,
RDI and allergen statements, costing and production schedules is captured, securely stored, and instantly accessible.

FoodTech can apply business and validation rules, store multi-level recipes, map common ingredient databases, produce product specifications, perform “what ifs” and calculate the effect of substitutions on recipes or multiple products.

FoodTech integrates with Bizcaps Enterprise Data Manager and Bizcaps DataSync, allowing product data to be shared with ERP and other systems and also to be published to GDSN-compliant datapools.



"Bizcaps [Foodtech] is an integral part of Patties' product development .." Patties