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Protecting healthcare from counterfeit medicines

Authenticateit is a complete track and trace system that can be integrated with your existing distribution and stock control procedures. This powerful platform will detect and anomalies in the supply chain and allow you to take immediate action to bar, disable or neutralise unauthorised imports or counterfeit operations at the source.

Serialisation & Traceability

Authenticateit’s Serialisation & Traceability module is compliant with EPCglobal® standards and has the unique ability to track raw materials from the point of production, to the point of sale and beyond. The platform’s Product Serialisation module generates a GS1 Serialised Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN) that can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, a brand’s existing barcode system. Each product that contains a serial number is stored in a cloud-based database with a set of restrictions created and managed by the brand.

Track & Trace Module

The Authenticateit platform’s Track & Trace module enables brands to seamlessly integrate into existing stock control systems, effectively tracking changes of custody as a product moves throughout a brand’s product supply chain.

By gaining control over their supply chain, healthcare brands are able to allocate regional restrictions and regulations to all partners, businesses, distributors and other parties that operate in conjunction with their business – effectively improving the management of their product distribution process.

Free Authenticateit App

The Authenticateit smartphone app lets clinicians and patients scan products to check if they are authentic and safe. It also allows businesses to communicate directly with clinicians and patients to gain product feedback, provide additional product information and record data about consumer behaviour.