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Healthcare Data Check

If you are in doubt about complying with the new Healthcare Industry requirements for data published to the NPC, Bizcaps Service Bureau can check the “health” and quality of your data.

A Bizcaps Healthcare Data Check involves a review of your entire NPC Catalogue to ensure that:

  • all required data and attributes are populated
  • all errors are eliminated
  • your data complies fully with all of the required data integrity specifications – including the new requirements introduced in mid- 2013
  • all of your data is current and published to applicable customers – especially government health agencies who need visibility of all available medicines, medical devices and consumables.

Bizcaps consultants understand the NPC standards and the requirements of your trading partners

Bizcaps Service Bureau can assist you to source and upload data that complies with all data requirements and can provide guidance on how to maintain your NPC Catalogue so that it is always current.

For a modest cost, Bizcaps Healthcare Data check will ensure that your trading partners are receiving your product as they need it.