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Bizcaps Service Bureau

Bizcaps Service Bureau looks after everything your business needs to create and maintain a GS1net or NPC Catalogue and publish product information to your trading partners. We can provide any or all of the following services, matched to your changing needs:

  • design and creation of your catalogue
  • secure online access to view your catalogue
  • on-going maintenance, price changes, product additions and deletions
  • ad-hoc assistance during peak workloads or during staff absences
  • training.

This service is ideal for any organisation, large or small, needing to synchronise product
and pricing data with trading partners - such as national retailing chains or government
agencies – via GS1net, the NPC, UBFs or other electronic buying forms.

Bizcaps Service Bureau is experienced in dealing with the intricacies of the GDSN, GS1net and NPC standards and the unique requirements of your trading partners. We can manage all requirements for any organisation and take care of all your technology and data requirements to ensure that:

  • your GS1net or NPC catalogue is always up to date
  • new product data is uploaded immediately and accurately, from almost any format
  • your trading partners receive all changes to existing product and pricing data.

Bizcaps Service Bureau can handle everything that you need to become GS1 and NPC compliant and ready to trade with your partners.

Bureau Services

"We are now GS1 compliant and LIVE. Bizcaps staff, were extremely helpful and supportive to get this project finally across the line .." Cantarella Bros

"Support was fantastic leading up to going live with Progressive NZ .." Imperial NZ