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Case Studies

  1. HealthShare NSW Case Study

    Searching for technology that would enable Australia’s largest public health system to operationalise the NPC data, Valentino Bulaon, HealthShare NSW’s Manager, Catalogue and Procurement Information, discovered that Bizcaps MCIS™ not only met this key need, but also offered other efficiencies and quality improvements. Read more…

  2. NEHTA Recallnet eHealth Case Study

    In 2013 there were 670 recalls issued for therapeutic products in the Australian market place. Therapeutic product recalls have a large impact on all healthcare stakeholders including suppliers, users and particularly patients. Opportunities exist to improve the product recall process through new technologies, data standards and more streamlined processes aimed at improving the speed and accuracy of therapeutic recalls and improving patient safety. See how these leading organisations are using Recallnet.

  3. Energizer uses Bizcaps to deliver an accurate and efficient service for its trading partners

    Using its GS1net-certified software, Bizcaps Software helped Energizer to accurately create and load product data into GS1net, validated against industry and business rules, and in the format that its trading partners needed. Bizcaps Software continues to support Energizer in maintaining its product data today.. Energizer has improved order accuracy and the efficiency of its end-to-end ordering process, resulting in stronger customer relationships and better management of resources.

  4. NEHTA study of data synchronisation in ACT Health

    An efficient supply chain relies heavily on accurate and up-to-date product information being available to healthcare purchasers, and the ability to order products in a standardised, well organised manner. With multiple data catalogues being maintained throughout healthcare systems, accurate product and pricing information is not always available.

  5. Pfizer uses Bizcaps BPM and Enterprise to capture and publish product data for the NPC

    Pfizer chose Bizcaps through a competitive process to create a trusted master data repository that synchronises and validates product and pricing information from multiple systems. Data is then ready for publishing to the National Product Catalogue (NPC)…

  6. Orion Laboratories uses Bizcaps Enterprise as a trusted source of product data

    The data upload to the NPC was initially done quite manually, as all of the data was not stored centrally and was only available from varying sources in different formats. To ensure that all information is now entered only once and is correct and complete, Orion is in the process of implementing all of the data in SAP and uploading this SAP data into a third-party program supplied by Bizcaps Software, a GS1net Certified Product Partner.

  7. Wine distributor uses Bizcaps BPM to gather accurate product data from its suppliers

    For major Victorian wine distributor Casama Group, Bizcaps BPM delivers hundreds of new products and product data changes for each new vintage into product records ready for export to multiple ERP systems.

  8. Bizcaps helps both buyers and suppliers achieve efficiencies in healthcare supply chain

    NEHTA reports that Australia’s health sector is embracing supply chain reform and making significant progress towards an interoperable system that delivers substantial quality and efficiency benefits for providers and consumers. Bizcaps Software allows suppliers, such as Cook Medical, and buyers, such as HealthShare NSW, to access technology that helps to achieve these aims.

  9. Cook Medical and ACT Health eliminate errors with Bizcaps

    Leading medical device manufacturer Cook Medical trusted Bizcaps Enterprise to validate, publish and update its complex product data on the NPC, and ensure that correct product information is highly visible and securely accessible to buyers.