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Bizcaps MCIS helps leading private buyers such as Healthscope, distributors such as CH2 and large Government purchasers such as NSW Health, Health Purchasing Victoria and ACT Health keep their supply chain systems harmonised with product information supplied by their suppliers.

Bizcaps Enterprise Master Data Manager allows leading suppliers such as Cook Medical, Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis, Energizer and Ansell to capture, validate, maintain and publish supply chain information to their trading partners so that this can be used to underpin the effective and accurate use of high volume automated supply chain processes such as EDI. Bizcaps Enterprise can publish data to suppliers through NEHTA’s National Product Catalogue (NPC), electronic forms or any other mechanism required by trading partners.

Scalable and highly-configurable, Bizcaps BPM workflow solution is used by companies of all sizes to control business-critical processes such as new product development and sensitive processes such as regulatory compliance.

BPM is rapidly deployed, but as processes or users change, can also be simply modified by non-technical staff, post implementation, using our FlowScribe graphical interface.

Bizcaps EDI provides a range of powerful B2B EDI, building on EDIStech’s 30 years’ EDI experience.

Bizcaps Service Bureau can assist healthcare suppliers with anything from a single price change to complete management of all product data collection, validation, maintenance and publication to trading partners.


Bizcaps is a leading provider of software and services for the supply chain link in the healthcare industry.