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Bizcaps Software holds Advanced Registered Supplier status for the NSW Government.

Bizcaps MCIS is helping Government buyers keep their supply chain systems harmonised with product information provided by their suppliers through GDSN-compliant datapools such as GS1net or directly by machine-readable forms.

Bizcaps BPM workflow solution can be used by organisations of all types and sizes to control critical or sensitive processes such as management of regulatory compliance. BPM is rapidly deployed, and as processes or users change, can also be modified by non-technical staff, after implementation, using our FlowScribe graphical interface.

Scalable and able to be rapidly deployed, BPM can co-ordinate, integrate or improve systems such as:

  • Grant application processing and management
  • Case management
  • Human resource system
  • Asset management

Bizcaps EDI provides a range of powerful B2B EDI solutions including VAN and portals, building on EDIStech’s 30 years’ EDI experience.

Bizcaps Government clients include:

  • ACT Health
  • HealthShare NSW
  • Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV)


"Working with really tight timeframes, Bizcaps personnel are very professional and friendly. We find them easy to work with .." HealthShare NSW