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ePIF Kick Start Offer

Get started with V6 ePIFs the easy way

You know you need to start the transition to ePIFs, but getting all your PIFs uploaded and updated can be daunting.

Our ePIF Kick Start Offer helps you make the most of the New Year break – so that by the end of January, you’ll be all set for electronic product information and ready to meet your buyers’ requirements.

For no additional cost, we will help you:


Bulk upload all your V5 PIFs via a secure FTP site


Upload all your PIFs: no limit to the number of PIFs


Store your V5 PIFs in a PIF Manager repository without needing to complete every field


Bizcaps staff are on hand to help with each step

By the end of January, you’ll have an online, web-based repository containing searchable, transmittable electronic PIFs– ready to be enhanced as V6 PIFs.

Add your details here to download PIF Manager pricing and get started with ePIFs. Offer expires Friday 21 December.